Monday, June 14, 2010

Bobby Gregg and His Friends- Hullabaloo- Veep


So I went to a live record auction this weekend and it was quite an experience. Quite an experience as in forgetting that I'm a completely broke, complete fucking retard, and thinking that I was some sort of genius, I spent $100 on three lots of records, a 60's portable turntable and a vintage hi-fi cabinet that won't even fit in my apartment. Out of probably 300 records that I took home I think I found three that were of any interest. But, hey at least I got to listen to some guy say "5andanaandaanaandaanaandacanigettencanigettenigotfivedoiseetendoiseetenandana......" for two hours straight.

Anyway....of the three standout records here's my favorite, a frat-arded, fuzzed out, Diddley-Beat, dancer on the Veep label by Bobby Gregg and His Friends. Apparently Bobby Gregg was some sort of a drummer, who played with the Rolling Stones and had some connection to Simon and Garfunkel, luckily none of that shows on this fucked up slab of shellac. Make sure to check out the somewhat restrained, but still swinging tassel twirling flip, "Charly Ba-Ba" too!


The Hullabaloo

Charly Ba-Ba


  1. great find, thanks for sharing

    cheers from Milano, Italy


  2. WoW!
    It would be great to download these, but the click "link to MP3" doesn't do anything today...
    Could you change that?
    Thanks a lot..