Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Post

Alright, I've been thinking about doing this for a while so here it goes. The Slop blog will be dedicated to posting some of my favorite 45 RPM record scores from flea markets, thrift stores, record fairs, basements, attics, record stores and where ever else I might find em. I'll be dedicating this blog to greasy RnB, wild Rock N Roll, Garage, Soul, Surf, Tittyshaker Instromentals, Blues, Rockabilly and what ever else moves me. I hope you dig it if you do let me know. Here is my first mix, a collection of 45s I've picked up in San Antonio over the last 4 or 5 month. Some RnB, some Soul and even some Mexican Rock N Roll.

download it here:

Here's the tracklist:
Teenie Weenie- Latimore Brown- Dutchess
Lucille- Sonny Ace and the Twisters- JOX
Get Away Fly- Big Buddy Lucas- Pioneer
Big John- Richard Berry- RPM
Jump Sister Bessie- Otis Rush- Cobra
Nearer and Dearer- Chris and Stella Towns- Bonus Records
Teenage Mambo- The Gaylarks- Music City
Mary Lou- Young Jessie- Modern
I Love You Baby- The Kings- JAX
The Freeze- Fenton and the Castle Rockers- Duke
OH-POOP-E-DOO- The Paramounts- GLO
El Tren- The Pepper-Notes- Disco Grande
Rattlesnake Baby, Rattlesnake- Joe Johnson
Do The Mustang- Alexander and the Greats- Limelight
Bring Back My Dog- Jay J. Jones- V-Tone
Twistin in The Tub- Damal & Rasheed- Great
Twist de la Abuelita- Los Crazy Kings- Ajua!
I Don't Know About You- Jay J. Jones- V-Tone
Itchy Koo- Hank Blackman and the Killers- Brent
The Slide- The Blendtones- Success
Going To Vietnam- Big Amos- M.O.C
Tamales- Sonny Ace and The Twisters- Rival
Monkey's Uncle- Ray Sharpe- Josie
U-2 - Big Sonny and his Furys- Best