Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 RnB Singles

I haven't posted anything for a while and figured I'd post some newly acquired RnB records that I've been into.


Billy Young- Glendora - Original Sound

This is a record that I have been searching for for years. The first time I heard the Down Liner Sect's rendition of the song I was completely blown away and couldn't believe a 60's British RnB band could come up with such a kick ass song! But it wasn't until years later when digging through records at a dealer's house that I discovered that a British RnB band did not come up with such a kick ass song, and the version done by the Sect had been pretty much stolen from this barely known RnB record by Billy Young. Unforetunately, at the time, the record in question was not for sale and from what I could gather very few copies were known to exist.

In the last few years it seems that a few more copies have surfaced but for the most part it is one of the greatest songs that no one has heard. I was super excited to find a friend selling a copy a few months back and bought it as quickly as I could. Enjoy it!

Also more can be read about the singer, Billy Young on the Georgia Soul blog here.


Lester Young- Down to The River- Barry

No not that Lester Young. This is another flea market find and a record that I had never heard before. Until I did a little research, I was under the assumption that this was some weird foray into the world of RnB by the accomplished tenor player. And while a weird foray into the world of RnB it most certainly is, the tenor player it is pretty certainly not. It turns out that that Lester Young died in 1959 and this record was recorded for Barry Records in 1961. This is none the less a super cool and strange record to my ear as it sounds like a Sonny Terry blues bopper with horns arranged by Charles Mingus! On top of all that, mister Lester Young does some serious testifying about getting the man who stole his woman! It might be an aquired taste for some, but for me this record is definitely a killer.


Billy Boss and The Bosstones- Sweet Ruby Red Lips- Guyden

This record is another one that I had never heard of before I found it. It starts out sounding like its gonna be an up tempo party record and then quickly turns into a down and dirty RnB grinder that really moves. The bass and drums on this record are out of control and who ever Billy Boss was he sure could belt out a song!


Lloyd Nolen- Fun Fun- King

I cannot find anything out about this record, which is a shame because this is exactly what an RnB record should sound like in my opinion. Unlike the flip of this record, "What's Happening in Here?" which is a bland Fats Domino type stoller, "Fun Fun" is a rocking and rollicking party record that is pretty unconventional. The guitar and drums (or drum?) are incredible to my ear and the entire "orchestra" that is backing up Lloyd sounds like its made up of cave men. Enjoy.

The Chestnuts- Don't Go- Mercury

This is a great vocal group record and here is what I have to say about it: I love this record and I love every record that sounds like this record. Chants. Primitive Drumming. A Pleading Man. No Strings. A record doesn't need anything else.