Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jester Wild Mixes

I haven't posted a new mix in a while so I figured that it might be a good time to post two mixes that I did for the world famous Jester Wild Show. One from early 2011, one from 2012. Both are of some of my favorite 45s and span the world of RnB, Soul, Popcorn, Exotica, Strip Teaze Instros and the usual unusual sounds that I dig. Check em out bellow. Also please check out all the other incredible mixes that have been posted there by world class record collectors and DJs from around the globe.


Johnny Heartsman & The Gaylarks - Johnny's Thunderbird
Dusty Wilson - Can't Do Without You
Tal Miller - Only Sixteen
Joe Perkins & The Rookies - How Much Love Can One Heart Hold
Big Buddy Lucas - I Can't Go
Timi Yuro - I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Mickey & Kitty - St. Louis Blues
Emmett Lord - Women
Eddie Kirk - The Grunt
Jimmy Soul - Everybody's Gone Ape
Joe Tex - Don't Play
Carl & The Commanders - Hey
Ludaway - The Pig
Bill Doggett - Hot Fudge
The Gum Drops - Natural Born Lover
King Coleman - Crazy Feelin'
Dee Dee Warwick - You're No Good
Lou Rawls - When Love Goes Wrong
The Scouts - The Mr. Custer Stomp
Tony Harris J.J. Jones and Band - Try This Li'l Ole Heart
Jeanette (Baby) Washington - Money's Funny
Tic and Toc - Jibba Jab
The Dyna-Sores - Jungle Walk
Johnny Niles - Wig Job
Lincoln Chase - Miss Orangatang
The Crystals - Espresso

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Track List:

Gary Warren - Werewolf
Gianfranco Intra Sextet - Hully Gully Tom Tom
Betty Lavett - Witch Craft In The Air
Ronnie Savoy - Big Hand Little Hand
The Lollipops - Busy Signal
King Coleman - Let's Shimmy
Chip Allan - Summer Time
Bell Jubilee Singers - Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
Geoffrey Holder - Limbo Calypso
Duke Jenkins - Mambo Blues
J.J. Jackson - Oo Ma Liddi
McKinley Mitchell - You're Not Gonna Break My Heart
The Valentines - That's It Man
Fred Harris's Red Top Organ Trio - The Bull
Louis Jones - The Birds Is Coming
Della Reese - It Was A Very Good Year
Ken Williams - Trash Can
Len Wade - Boss Beat
The Tams - Take Away
Sil Austin - Big Boss Man
Dr. Feelgood - My Gal Jo
Louis Jordan - Saturday Night Fish Fry
Lu Elliott - Big Joe
Ernie Fields - Teen Flip
Damal & Rasheed - Arriba

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