Sunday, April 17, 2011

BEAT PARTY- Action Pat Mix


Its been a while but here is a new mix of fresh 45s for your listening and dancing pleasure.
Enjoy, and leave a comment if you like it.

Here's the tracklist...

Beat Party pt 1- Ritchie and The Squires- Quality
Anyway You Wanna- Harvey-Acetate
Twist in The Morning-Jack Hammer- Ronnex
Crazy Vibrations- Bikinis- Top Rank
Don’t- LB Wilson – Vivid
Leavin’ Here- Jimmy Hannah- Bolo
Concerto in the Stars- Frank Barber and the Barbarians- Ronnex
Sweet Sugar You- Richard Berry- Flip
The Birds is Coming- Louis Jones- Decca
All Night- Screamin’ Jay Hawkins- Decca
Coal Miner- Nappy Brown- Savoy
Three is a Crowd- Otis Clay- One-derful
Look What You’re Doin’ to Me- Professor Longhair- Ebb
Garlic Bred- Garry & Larry- Goliath
Rhinoceros- Stan Robinson- Amy
I Want Her Back- Dick Jordan- Jamie
Standin’ on the Corner- Bob Mitchell- Teen
The Fly- The Mosquitos- Spear
The T-Bird- Rocker Roberts- Roulette
The Break- The Marlynns- Tower
Baby Sitter I Love You- The Del Victors- Hi-Q
Koko-Mamey- Moe Koffman Quartet- Jubilee
She’s Mine- John Lee Hooker- VeeJay
Love Me Right- Lavern Baker- Atlantic
Spanish Spy- Felix Randolf- Rep