Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Only Sixteen- New RnB Mix


Here's another new mix of RnB that I just put together and wanted to share with all you Slopoholics. So far, 2010 has been an ace year for finding records. I've found a ton of new discoveries and crossed a good number of records off of my wants lists. I'm not sure how many great records I've bought so far this year, but here's a mix featuring sixteen of my favorites. If you like it please leave a comment and if you want a playlist you'll have to do the same.

Download it here:

Here's the tracklist:

Seven Day Fool- Etta James- Argo
That's a Pretty Good Love- Big Maybelle- Savoy
Only Sixteen- Tal Miller- Hollywood
The Worm- Bill Doggett- Columbia
Puppy Howl Blues- Big Moose- The Blues
Stranger Blues- Elmore James- Fire
Dragon Walk- The Nobelmen- USA
They Just Rocking & Rolling- V. and B. B.- J&S
Call Me Baby- The Happy Hoss- Stark
Scorpion- The Carnations- Tilt
Genevieve- Huey Smith- Ace
Pass The Hatchet pt 2- Rodger and The Gypsies- Seven B
I Don't Wanna- June Bateman- Sue
Hey Lover- Gene & The Jeanettes- Fortune
I Want To Know- The Extensions- Success
I Got Loaded- Little Bob- La Louisianne


  1. Sloppy! That's some great stuff, Pat! Please do post the tracklist when you get a chance!

  2. I've been playing this R&B mix all weekend long ! I can't get enough of your swingin' mixes - this one is exceptionally great.


    -- DEB

  3. Can't wait to listen!