Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JIMMIE LEE GASTON- Why Don't You Stand by Me/ Oh Lord- GASTONIAN

Today, I am posting a record that I really dig. I found this record among a bunch of other killer records in an antique store while I was in San Antonio and like a lot of great records I found down there, I know next to nothing about it. The limited info that I've found out about this record has been pretty useless- Jimmie Lee Gaston was a gospel singer and preacher from Dallas who recorded this record. Hmm. Well, thats all I got.

In spite of knowing next to nothing about Jimmie Lee Gaston, this record is a motherfucking killer. Both sides slay. Both sides start out a little slow with some truly beautiful guitar playing and then kick into a stomping gospel shuffle with incredible background vocals.

In my opinion, aside from the recordings of Rev. Louis Overstreet and Rev. Charlie Jackson, this is one of the greatest gospel records I have ever heard. Please if you know anything about this record post a comment. Seriously, do your self a favor and listen to these two sides and make sure you have a blessed day.


Why Don't You Stand By Me

Oh Lord


  1. Likely recorded at the Robin Hood Brian Studios (Sunnybrook BMI was Robin Hood Brian's publishing company).

  2. Not much useful information but Jimmie Lee Gaston was my Aunts maid in Dallas. I have a small 1970's photo of her with my Aunt, and a copy of the record of which I do agree with you - two fantastic slices of gospel.

  3. This is my great grandmother...I grew up at the address listed there on the cd.

  4. This is my grandmother and the comment above frm today ..that's my cousin.. and I really would like to know how her record got way to San Antonio and she passed in Oct. 06' worked all her life trying to support and take care of her family ..She was born in 1926 ..and would be 85 this yr. Well, I know me and my mother her youngest daughter would like to have the cd ...and if anyone has info regarding it please email me ...via
    Blessings to you all thanks
    For taking time out to experience the joyful praise from my granny
    She use to sing this song and many others around the house when me and my mom visited for the weekend and when we lived with her on Galloway in Dallas, Tx....brings back sooo many memories

  5. The Great Jimmie Lee Gaston was my great grandmother and I miss her dearly. Hearing these 2 songs help me to remember everything she taught us growing up which is to keep God first. I am so thankful thank someone chose to share with the world how much of a beautiful voice she had. Listening to the songs bring back so many memories!! She was a wonderful woman and like my cousin said in the previous comment, she work very hard to take care of her family. I can't think of anyone who worked harder than she did. She taught us a lot of values that we cherish till this day. She was tough and didn't back down from nothing or nobody! I can still hear her saying...."you lying like a dog & looking like another" lol ( its a family thing). I can go on for days about her. I believe she still watches us and if so.....Gamma aka Grand Grand...we love you and miss you soooo much however we do know that you are in a better place and this is not a good bye but we will see you when we get there!!!

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