Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dance Party Mix


Hey everybody here is a mix of wild rock n roll, rnb, instromentals, garage and frat I threw together recently. Here's the instructions, download the file, burn it to cd, put it on yer stereo add drinks and there you go- the dance party will ensue. Enjoy. I'll post the track list in a few days if people leave comments.

Here's the tracklist:

Big Chief- The Motions- ABC Paramount
Don't Touch- Chico Holiday- RCA
Conservative Twist- JOey Vespo- Acetate
Shout Bamalama- Otis Redding- King
Louie Louie- Travis Wammack- Atlantic
Little Joe- The Sounds- Sunglow
Damper Down- Bobby Davis- M-Pac
Have Love Will Travel- The Sharps- Jaimie
The Rooster- Gabriel and His Angels- Amy
Clyde Clyde The Cow's Outside- The Counts- Panorama
Crossties- Dale Hawkins- Checker
Boogie Children- The Playboys- Jewel
Do Do Do- Commonwealth Jones- Columbia
Sweet Ruby Red Lips- Billy Boss and The Bosstones- Guyden
Chitlins, Etc.- The Counts- Panorama
Fat Back pt 2- Mr. Wiggles- Parkway
Funky Bull- Dyke and the Blazers- Original Sound
The Bull- Fred Harris' Red Tops Organ Trio- New Song
Castros Beat- Tasso (The Great) Kain- Kain
Hello Little Girl- Lloyd Price- KRC
Bon Ton Roula- Clarence Garlow- Goldband
Just Ask For What You Want- Finnimo- Duchess
Bone Shaker Joe- The Edsels- Capitol
Do The Mosquito- J.L. Smith- Friendly Five
Fail Safe- Big Sonny and His Furys- Best


  1. Excellent. Keep em coming, Leroy! Just added it to Chickawackawacka (or WTF it is called).

  2. Hells, yeah, we want a track list! That's some righteous slop!

  3. ...sounds like a good invitation. ....I'll follow your recipe dwonloading and starting to mix the drinks!