Saturday, July 18, 2009



Here is a mix of sleazy instromental sounds that I made for the web forum earlier this year. It features a ton of great records and a lot of em haven't been comped before. I hope you enjoy em.

You can download it here:

here is the tracklist:
Drum City- Part 2- Gary Webb- Donna
Coesville- Johnny Zorro- Warner Bros
4th Diminsion- The Centuries- Cleopatra
On The Rocks- Ramrocks- Disc Jockey
Cobra- The Boys- #1
Kopout- The Hustlers- Downey
Bop Suey- Jack Hale Orchestra- Pepper
Terrbble Ivan- Art Roberts- Imperial
Firewater- Premiers- Nu Phi
Sands of Arabia- Teentones- Cuca
Peach Seeds- Little Joe- Challenge
Jungle Walk- Dyna-Sores- Rendezvouz
Hot Rock- The Ramrocks- Disc Jockey
Where Yo Is- Fat Daddy Holmes- Jet
Wip and Jerk- The Fenways- Imperial
Boss Walk pt 1- The Majestics- Dunes
Double Freeze- Dave Dean's Combo- Duke
Astronaut's- The Busters- Arlen
Back Beat No. 1- The Rondels- Amy
South Swell- Little Joe- Challenge


  1. Is there a couple more digits or something? I'm getting

    Sorry, we couldn't find this file.


  2. Should be fixed try it now

  3. Thanks, that did it! Great stuff!

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