Saturday, September 26, 2009

RnB Mix


Here is a mix of sloppy RnB records I made quite a while back with some great 50's and 60's songles on it. In the last month I've left San Antonio, returned to Baltimore and been sent to Philadelphia to fight off a scab company union that is trying to divide workers who have been members of my union for the last three decades. So I've been pretty busy to say the least and I haven't been able to post many new blog entries lately.

I also believe that I have contracted swine flu and have been too sick to work for the last two days so here is a mix that I have posted in a few places before- so maybe you are one of the 15 people that has already heard it, but regardless I hope you like it. As usual if you like it post comments. I'll post the track list in a few days.

and if you want to download it just follow the link


  1. I downloaded the Partyfinal mix , absolutley loved it and have come back for more great stuff . Unfortunately the link for RnB mix does'nt seem to work ! Any chance you could upload it again .

    Ta from Ireland

  2. Hey Sammy,
    Thanks for the kind words, I'm happy someone actualy reads the blog and listens to my records! I just redownloaded this mix from the link above ( ) and it worked for me. Try it again and let me know if its still not working for you.

  3. I downloaded your party mix and this r+b mix, and i am KNOCKED OUT !!!

    These are the finest, most ass-shakin' slabs o' wax i have EVER heard ! Makes comps like Las Vegas Grind sound like Lady Gaga.

    You have the GREATEST taste in music !